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Glue Dots Adhesives

What Are Glue Dots?

Glue Dots are the invisible solution for a multitude of packaging, printing and manufacturing challenges.  Glue Dots are pressure-sensitive adhesive patterns on release liner that form an instant bond.  Quick and easy to use, Glue Dots leave no mess, no residue and no odor.  They are available in a variety of standard patterns, formulas, tack levels and profiles engineered to meet your needs.

Visible Results.

Glue Dots present your product, preserve your brand, reduce costs and save time.  Simple and versatile, Glue Dots produce visible results for a variety of applications in a wide range of industries.


  1. Standard Adhesives

    Standard Glue Dots

    Glue Dots are pressure-sensitive patterns of adhesive that are a preferred alternative to hot melts, liquid glues and tapes. Standard Glue Dots are available in four tack levels, three profile thicknesses, in a dot or square shape.

  2. MatrX Adhesives

    MatrX Adhesive Products

    The full line of MatrX™ products feature a continuous pattern of pressure sensitive adhesive micro dots. Applied with the easy loading, triggerless, Dot Shot Pro, MatrX is a cleaner solution to traditional transfer and double sided tapes.

  3. Custom Adhesives

    Custom Adhesive Products

    When Standard Glue Dots are not the right solution custom Glue Dots are the answer.  We can deliver any of our adhesive formulas in the pattern of your choice. The options are virtually endless.